Whenever we have an opportunity (Summer Camp, Ice Camp, Man Camp, Family Camp, and now Marriage Retreat) we love to spend time outside of Lawton, MI at Miracle Camp and Retreat Center.  Their mission is this: “Miracle Camp & Retreat Center exists to create life long change in youth, adults and families by strengthening their Christian faith and building community.”  This is by far the best Christian Camp I have ever had the opportunity to observe.  From their strong commitment of faith to the great activities like High Ropes and Zip Line, Miracle Camp is a cut above the rest!

Rob – Zip-lining backwards upside-down (if you haven’t read the
 children’s book “Silly Sally Went to Town”, then you may not get that comment!)

Along with the fun of the Zip Line, High Ropes, Climbing Wall, Hiking Trails, Lake Fun, Trap Shooting, Etc., Etc., Etc., whenever you attend a retreat or summer camp at MC, the fun is great, but the Spiritual Growth is the key to why they are successful.  The staff and volunteers serve you as an extension of the love that Christ shares.  The sessions for each camp are specifically designed for the target audience to help them grow Spiritually and relationally.  At the recent Marriage Retreat that 12 friends from Ovid attended, the focus was on marriage and parenting.  The material was presented in a humorous and serious manner, and was relevant to everyone attending…from grandparents to newlyweds.

I say all of this to share that finding a place to “get away” to refresh and renew yourself Spiritually, relationally and physically, is something we all need to do to keep our Kingdom focus and not get bogged down with the stress of life.

When you live out of a love for Christ, and your life shows it in all you do, it becomes so apparent even during times of renewal (sometimes even more so).  Last weekend, a dear freind of mine showed others a love for Christ in such a tangible way.  She felt so convicted for a couple that she was brought to tears and prayer for this couple; spending time with them in their time of need.  Even though we were only there for 2 1/2 days, she felt a love for this couple that extended into serving them…not for anything in return, but simply to show God’s love for them in their time of need.  It was an incredible thing to watch her mentor the people around her by simply loving them, crying with them, and listening to them.  I know I only share this one story, but I will say I saw it many times from this incredible group of friends during the weekend…truly inspiring!

That level of mentoring is what Jesus had in mind when he said to Go make disciples of all nations…relational discipleship (or mentoring) is the key to building relationships with others in hopes that they will open their lives and hearts up to Jesus so that He can reach them and pursue them, drawing them into His Kigdom.  Discipleship (becoming a fully devoted follower of Christ) will rarely happen unless we mentor those around us by loving them and maybe sharing a tear along the way.  It can happen in our everyday travels as well as when we are renewing ourselves, as long as we know who we are in Christ!

This Marriage Retreat was a great time of renewal, growth and simply standing in awe of how God uses people who have chosen to follow Him with their lives.  Spending time away with Lisa (my wife) was great for our communication and connection to one-another.  I love Miracle Camp, but it comes after my love for God, Lisa and my kids!

Isn’t she beautiful!  Smiling at 40′ above the ground!

If you would like more info about Miracle Camp, you can ask me or Click Here!  You won’t be disappointed!


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