Merry Christmas!

Posted: December 13, 2011 in build up, Disciple, Discipleship, great commission, Mentor, mentoring
Merry Christmas!!!!!
             I love this time of year with everything from the most important reason for celebrating, the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, to the music, decorations and the Christmas shows.  I even like Christmas shopping, as long as I am done before Thanksgiving!
             With the economy being down for so long, I’ve noticed that a few great messages are being put out there for people to hear.  One in particular that makes me smile is the thought of giving yourself for Christmas.  I have heard this from both secular and Christian sources, which is rather encouraging!  Even in a down economy, most of us here in America have all we need…except for loved ones around just spending time with each other, loving each other, building each other up, reminiscing, helping those in need, and asking for help when we are in need.  You know, doing life with one-another the way Jesus did.  There is no sacrifice that we will ever make that will remotely compare to the one He made on our behalf, and the Christmas season is a great time for us all to remember what’s important in life—God first, then Family, Friends, etc.  When we live that way, it is never a sacrifice to spend time with one-another, serving one-another, loving one-another, mentoring each other…It becomes part of who we are and how we relate to everyone around us!  We love because He first loved us! 1 John 4:19 
As the New Year approaches, I pray that you will look around and see who God has placed in your life.  As you do, start with a simple prayer for God to reveal to you one or two people that He would like for you to invest in – mentor.  Then, once He has shown you those in your everyday life to whom He wants you to build-up, join Him in the work He is doing all around you.  Get to know others this year and let God do the transforming in their hearts…and yours!
Merry Christmas and may God bless you with a mentoring heart in 2012! 

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