Trust vs. Suspicion

Posted: February 9, 2012 in build up, compassion, Disciple, Discipleship, Family, Mentor, mentoring

Imagine a world in which people put trust ahead of suspicion!  Where we would see others as genuine as opposed to assuming the worst of them, deciding they are guilty until proven innocent.

​It is very understandable why people who are far from God would feel this way, always questioning motives behind actions.  But we who claim to follow Christ, the very One Who died so that we may become righteous, continue to look for fault in others instead of trusting a fellow believer who has been saved by grace, just like us!

​Has The Church become so much like the world that it has developed the same worldly cynicism of anything that appears to be good?  Or even become very critical in times where something has gone wrong in a believers life?  Who are we to judge when we cannot even see past the planks in our own eyes?

​In any situation, good or bad, we must lead with compassion and love, seeking to understand others.  If we feel a brother is caught in sin, that still doesn’t mean we have any right to attack, condemn or gossip about it.  We must look to the Bible and see that we first confront the person directly (without talking to anyone else about it).  If that brother, or sister, doesn’t repent, you take a mature believer with you to confront them (again, without talking to others).  If he still doesn’t repent, then you speak to the Church leaders and confront the issue.

​God’s goal is for us to be a family, one-body that can work out our issues together and still love each other.  You can win a friend by confronting directly in love, but you will likely lose a friend if you talk to others before even consulting him!  And for those who are the listening ears of gossip…you have a choice as well.  Listening to gossip only fuels anger and deceit—both here are sins!  As soon as you realize gossip is starting, ask the gossiper this question—”Before you go on, have you talked to that person first?”  Then direct then to do so!  Share MT 18:15-19 if needed.

​Gossip kills relationships, but love births friendships!  Love well!


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