Transparency, Integrity and Honesty Required

Over the years, God has been changing me from the inside-out.  One huge indicator of this is something I just recently began to realize from one of those revelatory moments God throws at us to see if we are paying attention…Transparency and Authenticity!
As I began to place Jesus at the center of my entire life, my struggles and failures, as well as victories, became an open book.  Being transparent is something I have no problem with anymore, and I attribute that to Jesus and the relationship He and I are building.  You see, being transparent about your life is easy when your focus is on Christ, and not on yourself! 
 Having a Biblical Worldview (seeing everything we do, say and see from God’s perspective) focuses our thoughts on Him, thus allowing us to share things in our lives that may help others as they take steps in placing Jesus first in every aspect of their lives.  It’s not giving advice, it’s sharing in community building relationship and being authentic in who Christ has made you to be!
As you have conversations with the people around you, keep your mind focused on Jesus and let Him guide the conversation.  If He nudges you to share something from your life that may encourage or help someone else, no matter how embarrassing, un-Godly, or downright wrong it may have been, let go of your pride and become transparent, staying authentic to who you are in Christ!  Share your struggles as well as how you gained victory…if we never share our struggles, we have let pride (sin) rule our lives! 
For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for Me and for the gospel will save it!” Mk 8:35.  As God continues to mold you into the image of His Son, you will have opportunities to respond in transparency, integrity and honesty…after all, these are some of the traits of a person who is sold out for Christ and is placing Him first and in the middle of everything they say, see & do!

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