Biblical Worldview – Choose Your View

This post is a summary of the message Paul Hathcoat presented to our congregation at Ovid Community Church on July 1, 2012:

I’d like to publicly tell Paul Hathcoat how excited I am for him and thankful that he is answering the call God has placed on his life.  As followers of Christ, when God calls us, gives us a passion, or shows us a need we should fill, we must not only pray about the call…we must also act and answer His call!  On the evening of July 1, 2012, Paul presented a message to OCC on Biblical Worldview…a topic near and dear to my heart, and an area where I feel The Church has lost far too much ground to the enemy.  As Paul had shared with the congregation, Satan has infiltrated The Church by shifting the focus from God to ourselves.  The Earthly, or Secular, Worldview shifts our minds inward, placing our own desires ahead of God or anyone else.  We focus on personal Fame, Fortune, Power, and Pleasure as a way of trying to gain something on our own; as if we own anything anyway!
During his message, Paul gave us 6 strategies for maintaining a Biblical Worldview:
1. We can find strength in BIBLICAL EXAMPLES of Godly minded people.
2. We can find relief in NOT CONFORMING to worldly standards.
3. We can RENEW OUR MINDS on what is right, good and true.
4. We can resist the urge to be satisfied with a “GOOD ENOUGH” mentality.
5. We can choose to see all CIRCUMSTANCES as OPPORTUNITIES.
6. We can expect that God works ALL THINGS in His favor.
Thanks Paul for sharing these great insights on ways to develop and maintain a true Biblical Worldview!
In God’s incredible economy, when we focus on Him and His word, His blessing and grace supersedes anything we think we can gain in our minuscule minds.  Do you remember the video Keith shared during morning service on July 1 by Louie Giglio from his Indescribable DVD?  Louie said that he was not trying to convince anyone that they are small…he was informing us that we ARE small.  God is huge and in control, and we are not!  It’s time for The Church to model how to BE a disciple and how to MAKE disciples…we must begin with developing a Biblical Worldview!  The Traders and Truth Project series are a great start for us all to gain a better understanding of how to shape our Worldview.  So join us weekly as we dig into God’s word and develop a Culture of Relational Discipleship by first developing a Biblical Worldview!

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