“Hey John, Baptize Me!” said Jesus, The Son of God

Matthew 3:13 Then Jesus came from Galilee to the Jordan to be baptized by John.

baptism jesus

John sees Jesus walking toward him while John is baptizing people in the Jordan River.  John must have been thinking that it was now his turn to be baptized, and by the Messiah Himself (he even said it in verse 14)!  How exciting would that be?  In the witness of so many people that John had just baptized for their repentance, he would receive this amazing gift from Jesus Himself!  This would be a tweetable moment for sure!

But in typical Jesus fashion, He turns that thinking on its head.  He asks John to baptize Him!  Jesus wasn’t worried about what people would think about Him for asking a man to baptize Him.  He didn’t wonder if people would think that He was passing leadership of the new Kingdom over to John.  No, Jesus was (and is) completely confident in Who He was (and is) and the mission He had ahead of Him.  He also knew for certain the role John was playing in this Kingdom initiative!

Isn’t it amazing that one of the first encounters Jesus had with someone at the beginning of His ministry was this interaction with John where Jesus humbled Himself and asked John to baptize Him?  That humility and confidence can be in all of us as well!  When we focus on Jesus as our priority in life, our worldview shifts from self-focused to Jesus-focused.  And with that shift, we become more others-focused as we care for things that Jesus cares for – lost people!  With a Jesus worldview, we become more and more like Him in all we do…which is what we strive for as followers of Jesus!

When we have accepted Jesus as our Savior, and likewise make Him Lord of our lives, we can enter with confidence into any situation, conversation and relationship without trying to elevate ourselves in the eyes of others.  Giving Jesus that role in our life allows us to be confident in who we are so that we won’t need to seek others approval or atta-boys to fulfill our need for acceptance.  We have been accepted by the One True King of the Universe and that does not change!  Jesus truly loves us!

Who you are in Christ trumps who you are in the eyes of some mere human any day of the week!  We ought to live like that and be confident in who we are (and Whose we are) as we boldly enter into conversations and relationships with those who don’t know Him; loving people enough to first become friends and build trust (relationship), then to share what Jesus has done for you and be open to having spiritual conversations (discipleship).  You may not always have the answers, but as you walk with someone else in life, you will have opportunities to share Jesus with them and in turn, you will deepen your faith in God as well!  That’s another amazing thing God does: we aim to bless others, keeping Jesus in the center of all we say and do, and God blesses us with deeper faith and greater relationships with both people and with Him!  That is Relational Discipleship at its best!


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