A good friend of mine named Mike recently asked me to review a new book he has written that will be going out to print in the coming months.  It is titled, 41 Days to a Generous Life, and it really got me thinking about what we discuss in regards to being generous and how our lives truly reflect our hearts in relationship to a generous life.  Mike has been called by God to help others understand and implement generosity as a lifestyle, and finances are only a small a part of that generous lifestyle shift that must take place for each of us to truly feel God’s heart for people.  Generosity reveals what we value!

On day 31 of this devotional, he targets Matthew 6:21 where Jesus says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  This chapter in Matthew is chock full of wisdom (as is all of Scripture).  Jesus really hits a key ingredient which has the potential of freeing us up or trapping us in bondage – whatever we treasure will be the object of our devotion and will take up much of our time and available resources.

An example from my life before Christ became number one; if golf is the object of much of our free time, our finances will be hindered as golf is expensive and the gear used is always changing…$$$.  But that is only one portion of the bondage created.  Golf takes a lot of time away from those we love as well as those in which God wants us to build relationships.  For me, golf became an addiction of sorts as I wanted to keep getting better which required more time away and more money to be spent.  Golf in moderation, when it is not sacrificing relationships and generosity, is not the problem…my love and devotion to a game as well as undervaluing my family was the problem.  You can insert whatever you struggle with in here as well…we all have some stuff that we struggle with in this area of our lives!


On the flip side, when God becomes our object of devotion, where we seek relationship with Him first and become stewards of the resources He has entrusted to us to manage, we are completely freed up to care about others more than ourselves AND have the means to do something about the passions God places in our hearts for people.  His desire for us is to love Him and love those He puts in our daily path.  He also desires that we would be good stewards of the things He entrusts each of us to manage so that we can not only care about and pray for those passions/ people He places in our hearts, but that we would actually be able to do something about that desire!  Remember, “For as the body apart from the spirit is dead, so also faith apart from works (action) is dead” – James 2:26.  He wants us to not only pray, but to also take action!



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