This Heart

A thought has been driven into my soul today, even though God has placed this desire and calling in me for quite some time.  It’s not a new thought, but one that has been etched in my mind today as I have been going about my day. Here it is:

” I need to stop dying and start living!”

  How much time daily do I waste on things that just aren’t that important?  How often do I put things in me that are killing me: physically, emotionally and spiritually?  

 Anyone out there feel this way?

 Relationship – first with God, and then my wife, kids and those around me that He has blessed into my life – is the key to a fulfilled life in Christ! Our God is a relational God and He made us after His image!

  My prayer and earnest desire is this:

  God, grant me the will to only desire your life in me….to seek after you whole-heartedly in all I think, say, write and do!  Create a God-shaped heart in me and guide my path to fulfill all You ask of me…this is my one true desire!


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