Biblical Discipleship as Modeled by Jesus (Relational Discipleship)

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Christ, Community, compassion, Disciple, Discipleship, Family, Focus, great commission, Jesus, Marriage, Mentor, mentoring, Relational

There have been times when someone (well meaning Christians in fact) will say to me that they do not feel Relational Discipleship is completely Biblical.  I feel their interpretation may be getting lost in the title, not in the example of Jesus from the Scriptures.  Relational Discipleship is not only Biblical, it is modeled by Jesus Himself, as well as many others throughout the Bible, as the way to make disciples!

Relational Discipleship can be understood by breaking it down into four easy to understand action steps (Yes, our faith is active not passive!):

1) Build Relationships – Connect with many people, everyone that God places in our paths on a daily basis, and get to know them, spending time with them, being there for them.  This can be as simple as briefly connecting at your local coffee shop or gas station with the person you see behind the counter, or with the person you sit next to at work or school every day.  Some of these relationships will blossom into friendships that can become more intentional as the relationship builds!

2 ) Build Trust – Be consistent and genuinely care.  Honesty and transparency can take the relationship to a deeper level and allow more openness in conversation.

3) Invite them into a relationship with Jesus – As relationship and trust are established, Spiritual conversations become natural as long as we are following Christ’s example and placing Him first in our own lives.  When we whole-heartedly are fully devoted followers of Jesus, it makes no sense whatsoever to not invite others into that relationship!

4) Walk with Them – Just as a baby new to this world needs a parent to raise, feed, nurture and guide them, so does a new follower of Jesus need you to guide, nurture, teach and mentor them to become mature followers of Christ Jesus.

This is Relational Discipleship!  It is not a new concept at all!  In fact, it was designed and modeled by Jesus for us to follow so that we would go make disciples!  The Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20 is our marching orders for Relational Discipleship:

Go – Build genuine relationships with many.  We are active in our walk!

Baptize – Invite others into a relationship with Jesus, the One who saved us!

Teach – Walk with the new follower of Jesus, teaching them how to become more like Him!   Teach others to obey and apply His word, not just gain knowledge about Him, but really get to know Him!

If you are a follower of Jesus, this is not optional!  We are His Church and this is our commission!  So Church, go make disciples!



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