Gender Male
Occupation Disciple and Disciple-Maker
Location Pendleton, Indiana, United States
Introduction I am first and foremost a follower of Jesus Christ! I am married to my beautiful wife Lisa, and have three incredible daughters, Kayla, Haley and Chloe.
Interests Making Disciples who will in turn make disciples!  I love connecting with like-minded individuals…those who are seeking to answer the call God is placing on our lives!
Favorite Movies Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Star Trek, Facing the Giants, all Marvel
Favorite Music David Crowder, Desperation Band, Hillsong
Favorite Books The Holy Bible, Multiply, Real Life Discipleship

God is molding and shaping my calling while teaching me how having a biblical worldview really drives everything I do, say and write!  Relational Discipleship is the engine that drives our entire lives in Christ – without Relationship we have a bunch of knowledge junkies that know a lot about God but do not KNOW God.  Without Discipleship, we have a fluffy, selfish religion that focuses on us and not Jesus.  We need both Relationship (with God and with others) and Discipleship to develop and maintain a Biblical Worldview and begin fulfilling the great commission to go and make disciples who will in turn go and make disciples!  When we get this, The Church will change this world for Kingdom Glory!

  1. kyrian777 says:

    God bless Rob! It is lovely and blessed to share. Thanks.


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